Anžela is responsible for correspondence and overall communication between individual Members of the club and Board, as well as the exchange of communication between the local association and the FIFe. Other responsibilities include issuing the pedigrees for registered litters, homepage maintenance, checking the health documents, and overall consultations for individual members about CFCA rules and policies.

As a show manager, Anžela is responsible for the overall organization and show program, PR and advertisement, sponsors & vendors.

Since May 2023, fulfilling the duties of a Member of the PR Commission in FIFe.


Club member

Since 2010

(First cat LT*Lordcoon Benito Blink, MCO n 22)



Since 2014

(LV*Family Value Maine coon cattery)



Since 2019

(Category 2, Student in Categories 1 & 3)

I came to the world of the cat fancy, when I was 21. I fulfilled my dream to become the owner of the gorgeous Maine coon male and wanted to share this beauty with the world, presenting him on the shows. When I first got there, I realized, that this is a very wide and interesting world and during the years I step by step I was including more and more in cub and breeding life. I think I went through all paths: starting with cleaning of the tables, helping in setting up, attracting sponsors and visitors. Here I am today, honored to be the Member of the Board of this strong organization. I am thankful to each and every who made this place as special as it is nowadays, and I am thankful to the destiny, that I found this amazing world of Cats.