Representative function of CFCA. Overall communication between functionaries. Logistics & warehusing questions. Show hall overall questions. Ensuring the work of show Steward team


Club member

Since 2018

(First cat LV* Family Value Lucky (MCO n 09 22))



Since 2014

(LV*Family Value Maine coon cattery)



Since 2019

(Category 2, Student in Categories 1 & 3)

I came to the world of the cat fancy, when I was 21. I fulfilled my dream to become the owner of the gorgeous Maine coon male and wanted to share this beauty with the world, presenting him on the shows. When I first got there, I realized, that this is a very wide and interesting world and during the years I step by step I was including more and more in cub and breeding life. I think I went through all paths: starting with cleaning of the tables, helping in setting up, attracting sponsors and visitors. Here I am today, honored to be the Member of the Board of this strong organization. I am thankful to each and every who made this place as special as it is nowadays, and I am thankful to the destiny, that I found this amazing world of Cats.