Register a Cattery

Register a Cattery

Main steps to your Cattery name

Becoming a breeder is a very serious step. Breeding is not only a happy time with the little kittens, but also never ending learning, ups and downs, researching and strategical thinking of many steps forward. Before making your final decision, please consult with us, to evaluate all pros and cons. If you are full of enthusiasm with passion to your chosen breed, then welcome!

Step 1

You must be an owner for at least 1 female cat and registered in our Club

Step 2

You must read and accept CFCA Breeding and Registration rules

Step 3

We kindly advise to familiarize yourself with connected FIFe Rules and also local governmental rules (mentioned in CFCA BRR)

Step 4

You will need to pass the special breeder course. Please request it by e-mail

Step 5

When al it is done, please fill in the special form requesting the Cattery Name. Before filling it out, be sure, you have read the rules for registering the cattery name

Step 6

After your Cattery name is confirmed by FIFe, you will receive the notification from, and the changes will be done in your MyCats profile

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