Oriental & Siamese


Oriental & Siamese

FIFe abbreviation:


Coat Length:

Shorthair (OSH, SIA), Longhair (OLH, BAL)


These breeds have long and tubular bodies, slim necks, and long tails, and have a very athletic look. The ears are extra large and low set. SIA/BAL eyes are blue, and the coat color is pointed. OLH/OSH eyes are green, only white OSH/OLH can have blue eye color. OSH/OLH can have all possible coat colors, including white.

Health Tests:

Recommended: GM1/GLB1(Gangliosidosis), Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI (MPS6), Primary congenital glaucoma (PCG), Ophthalmic examination (PRA, Cataract etc.), Patella luxation control, FeLV, FIV. Obligatory: Progressive retinal atrophy (rdAc-PRA).

FIFe standard:

OSH/OLH/SIA/BAL Personality:

Incredibly intelligent, affectionate, and opinionated, they are considered the extroverts of the feline world.  Often very vocal with a loud, low-pitched voice (known as a ‘meezer’), the Siamese is very much a ‘Marmite’ type of cat, appealing to a very specific sort of person! These cats are active and talkative, they are always by your side. They have to have company and they are not suited to be as a single pet.


LV* Alario

LV* Ambaliuss

We are and always will be a small home cattery! Our mission is to breed healthy, beautiful Oriental and Siamese cats with a great personality. A.M.B.A.L.I.U.S.S. Amazing. Mystic. Brave. Awesome. Loving. Iconic. Unbelievable. Sweetest. Selfless… It’s all about us!

LV* Dark Side Panther

LV* Family Unique

LV* Martory

UA* Meori

LT* Monoceros

Monoceros is one of the first Siamese catteries’ and the first Oriental cattery in Lithuania. Our cattery is small, so all cats are living with us and are full members of the family. They never stay or live in cages. We are regular participants of different international cat shows across the EU.

LV* Ultimus