Maine Coon


Maine Coon

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Largest domestic cat breed,with sturdy body and long bushy tail. The ears are well tufted, the coat is shorter on the shoulder. They often have lion-like ruff. This breed matures slowly, fully matured at 4-5 years

Health Tests:

Recommended: HD X-Ray (Hip dysplasia), HCM1/MyBPC3 (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), SMA (Spinal Muscular Athropy),ECG or UH examination for heart disease, Patella luxation control, FeLV, FIV,

FIFe standard:

MCO Personality:

Maine Coons are gentle and friendly by nature. Theay are curious and playful and can learn easily tricks. They can follow you like dogs and many Coons like to play with water.


LV* Almi Blue Line

LV* Ave Sol

Our cats are living as a part of our family. Our aim is to keep our cats as close as possible to the aborigenic cats with a feral cat look, affection to their humans and the breed’s characteristic clown-like personality.

LV* Baltic Astrum


LV* Destiny Gift

Emilitacoon *LT

LV* Epona Legend

LV* Family Value

Breeding Maine Coons with the respect and passion to the breed and cats since 2014th. Multiple TOP Cat and Cattery Awards. Excellent temperament, health and type is ensured by well-considered line breeding and strict offspring control.

LV* Gentle Dreams

Maine Coons raised in love.

LV* Golden Renessaince

LV*Honey Sunrise Paws

When the dreams come true. Maine Coon Cattery. Raised with love.

LV* Iliinburg

LV* Jugeton

NO* Lucky Bastet

LV* PawTales

We are small Maine Coon cattery located in South-Estonia. Our cats live with us as our beloved and spoiled family members. You can meet us and our cats almost in all FIFe cat shows in Baltic states. See you soon!


LV* Stellar Rain

LT* Šalta Nosis

LV* Tenderness Wave

LV* Union Max Pride

LV* Wildamoor