Exotic & Persian


Exotic & Persian

FIFe abbreviation:


Coat Length:

Shorthair (EXO), Longhair (PER)


 These cats are muscly, heavy-boned, medium- to large-sized cats with short, thick legs, big paws, large shoulders, a short neck, a broad chest, and a relatively short tail. They have large heads with animated, wide-set eyes and a short nose.

Health Tests:

Recommended: PKD1/AD-PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease), Electrocardiogram or ultrasound examination for heart disease, Patella luxation control, X-ray for hip dysplasia, FeLV, FIV.

FIFe standard:

EXO Personality:

The Exotic is a placid cat that exhibits bursts of kitten-like activity. It will be sleeping in the sun when she suddenly explodes, running around the room and rolling around. The Exotic will stretch out next to you, sleep in your bed, and even sit on your lap when she is in the mood.

PER Personality:

Persian cat personalities are sweet, gentle, and patient. They’re friendly cats that prefer calm environments but can easily adapt to more active households. Persian cats love to relax and lounge around their environment. They have a sweet nature and will sit on your lap or cuddle with you when the mood strikes them.


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