FIFe abbreviation:


Coat Length:

Shorthair (BSH), Longhair (BLH)


Sturdy, dense-coated, and best known for having blue, commonly known as grey, fur with big round open eyes and small ears.

Health Tests:

Recommended: PKD1/AD-PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease), ALPS (Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome -imported cats from NZ, AUS), ECG or UH examination for heart disease, Patella luxation control, X-ray for hip dysplasia, FeLV, FIV, blood group tests.

FIFe standard:

BSH/BLH Personality:

Cuddly and independent. British are relatively calm cats when they mature. The breed is slightly more reserved, but once they get to know someone they have no trouble showing affection. They are easily trained and very adaptable.


Aluona *LT

LT* Amber Wishes

de Noble *LV

Cattery “De Noble” is the home of Silver Tabby British Shorthair Cats. We are a very small cattery, but this gives us the opportunity to grow up healthy, beautiful and attached to humans British Shorthair cats, who are exceptional competitors at a show ring.

Fackel *EE

LV* Grady Blue

Grey Ghost *RU

LV* Home Tiger

LV* Ice Florence

Welcome to our British marble cats cattery LV*Ice Florence! Our cattery specializes in Tabby color – black marble on silver with bright green eyes. The mission of our cattery is to produce high-quality and high-breed animals, appropriate breed type. But most importantly, we pay attention to good health and a true British character: balanced, calm, gentle, full of dignity. All our cats are loved by us; they are surrounded by care and attention and are true members of our family. All cats are actively involved in family life and move freely around the house.

Kates Akis *LT

LV* Langewald Magic

EE* Lja Mur

LV* Modesto

LT* Padauža

LV* Rays of Hope

LT* Roxera

LV* WhiteLoveStory