Our History



Cat Fanciers Clubs Association CFCA is a Member of FIFe (Federation International Feline) and the only representative of FIFe in Latvia. The club was originally founded in 1988, but its current name – Cat Fanciers Clubs Association CFCA – gained on May 4th, 1999.

CFCA was accepted in FIFe as a patronage Member in 1991 at the General Assembly held in Boras. The full membership status was approved at GA in Tiel, the Netherlands in 1995.

The administrative body of CFCA is its Board, which consists of three Members (the Chairperson is elected by the Members of the Board).

The CFCA ensures the quality of breeding processing and supervising. Litters are registered and pedigrees are issued by CFCA.

CFCA organizes the International Cat Shows and Baltic Winner Shows in Latvia, attracting over 150 exhibiting cats, from all around Europe and thousands of visitors.

CFCA’s member is the Cat Fanciers Club “Selena” with:


Individual Members



Currently there are more than 100 registered cattery names and averagely 20 litters are registered per month.

In May 2014th the FIFe General Assembly was organized in Riga.

For the first time in the history of FIFe, the event was organized in the Baltic States, which is a huge honor. The General Assembly returned to Riga in 2021 in hard pandemic times, but with the help of that time executive Board of CFCA, everything was held at the highest level.

The Cat Fancy experienced really hard times during the COVID pandemic years, many catteries were closed, it was almost impossible to organize the shows and other events and the whole world of this amazing hobby suffered stagnation.

CFCA is proud to have 4 International Judges, 3 of them are active Student Judges in their next categories.

Since 2023 CFCA has a representative at the FIFe PR Commission.