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Club Life

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Cat Fanciers Club "Selena" was founded in 1999 by enthusiastic breeders, one of the first catteries of Persians and Exotics LV* Nostri Vincent is active until that day.

“Selena” used to organize international FIFe cat shows. Traditionally they were organized in the second week of June outside of Riga and in the first week of December in Riga. As of today, the show organization is overtaken by CFCA, while Selena’s team ensures the most important functions of show organization and representation. 

“Selena” is ensuring the Club’s life running, consulting individual Members, and being always ready to help any of them in all situations. The club also provides consultations to potential owners of the cats, helping to make the correct choice of the breed and providing recommendations for taking care of cats. “Selena” is taking care of that breeders and members are well educated in the questions of cat well-being and carrying the values of FIFe in all their actions and presence.

Club Life

Why to become a member?

If you are the owner of a pure breed cat with officially issued pedigree with at least 4 generations inside and wish to make a show career or start the breeding program OR if you are the owner of great tempered house cat and wish to present him at the cat shows, you must be registered in the club. 

Please note, that for Breeding females FIFe Club must be the main organization, where the cat is registered. It is not allowed to be an active breeder in several systems. 

!!NB FIFe is a very strict organization in the question of recognizing new breeds and varieties, please, first check if your breed is listed as an official breed here! If you are not sure that your pedigree can fit the FIFe standards, feel free firstly to send the pedigree for review to CFCA secretary

Benefits being the member: