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Federation International Feline

Federation International Feline FIFe was founded in 1949 in France by Mrs. Ravel. The FIFe can be considered as the United Nations of Cat Federations. In fact it is a federation of national members representing, at present, 39 countries, with 41 full and 1 patronage member, but whose number continue to grow. These member organizations have chosen to follow the same rules with regard to the breed standards, cattery names, shows, judges and student judges. This common interest has, over the years, been consolidated to create high standard and international reputation of the FIFe.

The FIFe Board is the co-coordinating body on the international level. It is made up of 6 people from the member countries who are elected by the members; they manage the organization according to its statutes. There are five supporting Commissions whose responsibility is to implement the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board. These are: the Judges & Standard Commission, the Breeding & Registration Commission, the Show Commission, the Commission for Health & Welfare and the Disciplinary Commission and Public Relations Commission. The democratic structure of the organization guarantees each member equal voting rights at the GA.

The General Assembly convenes annually to discuss and vote upon the propositions of the members, to elect new officers, debate new regulations and accept common strategies. FIFe has always had good relations with all the major cat organizations of the world. Its official seat is in Luxembourg and its official languages are French, German and English.

The Secretariat is administered by the FIFe General Secretary who works to handle the daily affairs for all the members; these include the co-ordination of show dates, the processing of cattery names data and the administration work of judges’ examinations. The name of FIFe is synonymous with quality and unity. It represents the interests of cats on a world-wide basis.

Currently there are over 203 international judges, 110 student judges (of which 38 not already a judge) and well over 100 000 individual members within the Federation, over 110 000 pedigrees and 3 000 cattery names a year are registered. Over 700 shows per year with more than 200 000 cats exhibited. 

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